WW4C Repeater Welcome to the system Page

Our Background here in Thomasville

East Davison Repeater group is located in Thomasville North Carolina,in Davidson County. This Piedmont triad community was eastablished in 1852, and host the states oldest festival "Everybodys Day"..Built around the local railroad system. Thomasville is home to the oldest railroad depot in the state..just a few hundred feet away is the citys most notable landmark "the Big Chair".. (Check out the photo Gallery for a close up pic of the big chair)

Thomasville is nickname the "Chair City of the south" in reference to the 30 foot landmark replica of a armchair that rest in the middle of the city....WW4DC is located in the middle of downtown Thomasville North Carolina USA on top of a city water tank . The frequencies are listed below:

29.680- t88.5 ,

53.170- t88.5, 147.000+t88.5

442.975+ t88.5 is located 100 ft above ground. The repeaters run in parallel and have remotes on 6 meter, 2 meter, 220 and 440. The remote bases allow various connections to other frequencies and systems. we are connected to the web via echolink as WW4DC-R(45929) so check us out, You never know where you'll contact next. 73's